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Visio 2007 Basic Course

Microsoft Visio






The Quick Source eLearning Series combines three levels of training: Learn It, Try It, and Evaluation. The Learn It section includes high quality video that shows you everything the instructor is teaching. The Try It section allows you to practice what you have learned right in our course. There is no need to switch between the course, and the software that you are learning. The Evaluation section gives you the ability to test your knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

Topics covered in this course:

Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • Starting and Exiting Visio
  • Identifying the Parts of the Visio 2007 Window
  • Using the Standard Toolbar
  • Using the Getting Started Window
  • Creating a Drawing
  • Opening an Existing Drawing
  • Saving a Drawing

Pages & Views

  • Introduction
  • Creating a New Page
  • Working with Pages
  • Changing the Page Size
  • Creating a Background Page
  • Working with Background Pages
  • Zooming In and Out on a Drawing
  • Using the Pan & Zoom Window
  • Viewing a Page in a Separate Window

Stencils & Shapes

  • Introduction
  • Opening a Stencil
  • Creating a Stencil
  • Working with Stencils
  • Inserting a Shape
  • Searching for a Shape
  • Drawing a Shape
  • Creating an Ink Shape
  • Working with Ink Shapes

Formatting Shapes & Themes

  • Introduction
  • Resizing and Rotating a Shape
  • Applying a Fill
  • Formatting Lines
  • Applying a Shadow
  • Applying Theme Colors
  • Applying Theme Effects
  • Creating Custom Theme Colors
  • Creating a Custom Theme Effect

Shape Extras

  • Introduction
  • Numbering Shapes
  • Protecting Shapes
  • Rounding Shape Corners
  • Isolating and Combining Shapes
  • Creating Offset Shapes
  • Aligning and Distributing Shapes
  • Inserting a Shape ScreenTip
  • Preventing a Shape from Printing


  • Introduction
  • Creating a Text Block
  • Adding Text to a Shape
  • Working with Text Blocks
  • Formatting Text
  • Creating a Bulleted List
  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Checking Spelling
  • Using the AutoCorrect Feature


  • Introduction
  • Previewing a Drawing
  • Using Print Setup
  • Printing a Drawing Page
  • Sending a Drawing by E-mail
  • Saving a Drawing as a Web Page
  • Saving a Drawing as Another File Format
  • Removing Hidden Information in a Drawing

Getting Help

  • Introduction
  • Using Visio Help
  • Using the Help Table of Contents
  • Searching for Help Topics
  • Getting Help in a Dialog Box
  • Printing a Help Topic
  • Getting Help from Office Online
  • Using the Research Task Pane