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Project 2007 Advanced Course

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The Quick Source eLearning Series combines three levels of training: Learn It, Try It, and Evaluation. The Learn It section includes high quality video that shows you everything the instructor is teaching. The Try It section allows you to practice what you have learned right in our course. There is no need to switch between the course, and the software that you are learning. The Evaluation section gives you the ability to test your knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

Topics covered in this course:

Custom Views

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Editing a View
  • Creating a Custom Table
  • Editing a Table
  • Grouping Tasks or Resources By Multiple Criteria
  • Creating a Custom Group
  • Creating a Custom Filter
  • Editing a Filter
  • Creating a Custom Field


  • Introduction
  • Delaying a Task
  • Changing Constraints for a Task
  • Using WBS Codes
  • Creating a New WBS Code
  • Importing an Outlook Task List
  • Adding a Project Task to Outlook
  • Exporting Tasks to Excel
  • Changing Default Task Options
  • Creating a Master Project and Inserting Subprojects

Resources and Costs

  • Introduction
  • Working with Resource Assignments
  • Creating a Resource Pool
  • Saving a Resource Project File
  • Reviewing Resource Workloads
  • Leveling Resources
  • Removing Duplicate Resources
  • Using Multiple Cost Rates
  • Finding Over Budget Costs


  • Introduction
  • Creating a Calendar for a Task
  • Assigning a Calendar to a Task
  • Assigning a Base Calendar to a Resource
  • Inserting Lead and Lag Times
  • Revising the Schedule
  • Copying a Calendar Across Projects
  • Changing Task Scheduling Options


  • Introduction
  • Formatting Text
  • Adding a Task, Resource, Assignment, or Project Note
  • Adding a Header, Footer, or Legend
  • Adding Objects
  • Adding a Shape or Caption
  • Formatting Gantt Bars
  • Adding Text to Gantt Bars
  • Creating a Custom Gantt Bar
  • Formatting Cells


  • Introduction
  • Saving an Interim Plan
  • Saving Additional Baselines
  • Clearing a Baseline or Interim Plan
  • Finding Slack in the Schedule
  • Changing When Tasks Become Critical
  • Viewing Work Over Time
  • Analyzing with Earned Value Analysis


  • Introduction
  • Saving the Workspace
  • Customizing an Existing Toolbar
  • Creating a Custom Toolbar
  • Customizing a Menu
  • Customizing the View Bar
  • Customizing Project Options
  • Adding or Removing Custom File Properties


  • Introduction
  • Recording a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro to a Toolbar or Menu
  • Running a Macro
  • Deleting a Macro
  • Changing the Security Level for Macro Virus Protection
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Protecting a Project File with a Password
  • Creating a Visual Report