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Have you've been using our Outlook 2016 basic and advanced level guides to help you get the most out of this powerful email program? Do you feel like maybe you would benefit from a little more in depth training? Then our Outlook 2016 eLearning course is what you need to take your knowledge to the next level. All of our courses allow you to watch the tasks you want to learn right on the screen in front of you. Then you can practice the skill for yourself so that you know you have it down. All of our courses are self paces so that you can work through the lessons in your own time and make sure you truly understand the material. 

Some of the lessons in our Outlook 2016 course include:

  • Accounts and Services
  • Reading and Previewing a Message
  • Creating a Message
  • Attaching a File
  • Working with Conversations
  • Scheduling an Appointment
  • Creating a New Contact
  • Creating a Task
  • And so much more!

We think you'll love this course and invite you to take a look at the preview so that you can see just how it will work for you.