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On the heels of Windows 10, Microsoft has released their Office 2016 suite. We are working hard to create quick reference guides and eLearning courses to help you make the transition to these exciting products. Our Outlook 2016 quick reference guide is almost ready to be shipped, so we wanted to tell you a little bit about what this new guide will offer. 

  • Using Clutter - If you purchased Outlook 2016 through Office 365, then the Clutter feature can be enabled which will allow Outlook to predict your reading habits, and sort your messages accordingly. 
  • Attaching a File to a Message - Some upgrades have been made to this option that allow you to attach files from web locations. 
  • Scheduling a Meeting from a Message - You can schedule a meeting from an email message that will include all receipents of the message.
  • Finding Help with Tell Me - The Tell Me feature allows you to search Outlook to search for what you're trying to do in the program so that you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for features. 

These are just a few features from our Outlook 2016 quick reference guide. Contact your sales representative to pre-order your copy, or check back soon to buy it from our website!