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Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big impression, Outlook’s sneak peek is one of those small details that can make a big impression.


Outlook 2013 offers a sneak peek of your calendar, people, and tasks. To view a sneak peek, hover your mouse pointer over the Calendar, People or Tasks shortcut on the Navigation Bar. Hovering over the Calendar shortcut will show you a preview of your appointments for the day. Hovering over Tasks will show you the tasks that are scheduled. Hovering over people will show you people that you have added to your favorites.

You can also dock a sneak peek of your calendar and tasks to the Outlook window so that they are always visible. To dock the sneak peek, just click the Dock button in the upper right corner of the peek. This will dock the peek to right side of the current view.

Microsoft Word 2013 has greatly enhanced ability to insert, edit and format all sorts of media. Word can now insert media from your computer, from your Skydrive or Flickr accounts, or directly from the web. It can even take a screenshot of any open program without needing to have that program on screen at the time.  

When you are working with a picture or a clip art image, the Layout Options button will appear next to the picture. These options allow you to quickly and easily integrate the media with the text in your document.

Selecting or inserting an image automatically brings up the Picture tools Format tab. Here you can edit the image. You can change the size, color, apply effects and styles, or even remove the background.

Regardless of your level of photo-editing ability, the Word 2013 Picture tools are accessible and easy to use. You can add professional quality graphics to your Word documents without having to download additional software or even leaving your document window.

Office 365 is the latest iteration of the Microsoft Office software suite. Office 365 is different from previous versions of Microsoft Office because of its ability to be accessed remotely from multiple machines by multiple users. There are a number of updates to this version of the Microsoft Office suite and impressive tools to increase office productivity using Office 365. Read on to learn about some of the most popular features.

Office 365 Provides Enhanced Access

Telecommuting has become the norm in many industries. Having access to remote servers is not always possible, and managing different user accounts and VPN access nodes often takes a great deal of time and resources.

Office 365 allows companies to get around this problem by adopting a system similar to Google Drive (formerly Google Docs). Essentially, all work done on Office 365 is accessible to anyone who has a login and password the document. Not only does the remote work ability allow the creator of a document to work remotely, it allows supervisors and others to check on the progress of a document and grade it remotely. This unprecedented access from an Office product greatly increases transparency and productivity across the board.

Instant Messaging Within the Office 365 Suite

Another way that Office 365 allows for increased productivity is the inclusion of instant messaging. When someone is working on a document or excel sheet, collaborators can follow progress and comment and communicate with the writer. Instant messaging allows for instant collaboration and feedback, which helps to enhance the quality of work.

It is possible to integrate Office 365 with other services like Google Documents or an in house email system in order to make for a smooth transition to Office 365. This allows users to skip problems that may arise from implementing a completely new system, and also to maintain and import data and documents that were in progress before the switch.

Scheduling Online Meetings with Office 365 is Simple

Conference calls and online meetings are nothing new, but Office 365 offers a new spin on these meetings. Using the Office 365 suite it is possible to create an online presentation that is accessible to the people who need to work on or examine that presentation. One can create a meeting using any of the services offered by Office 365, such as PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. One can literally create a presentation based around a project which is radically different from meeting over Skype or other telecommuting services.

Office 365 offers enhanced productivity in a number of ways. The most important enhancement is the fact that one can link accounts and documents within the company, and allow or revoke access to anyone that one chooses. It is also possible to share work and data over thousands of miles and present work to supervisors as well as employees. The Office 365 suite takes productivity to a whole new level compared to earlier iterations of Microsoft Office due to its accessibility and forward thinking design. For any remote access or telecommuting work, Microsoft Office 365 is a fantastic choice for firms both small and large.

Office 365’s email system can be easily synced with your Android, Apple, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile device. Microsoft has created a wizard that walks you through the steps for each device. 


The wizard will show you how to set up either Exchange or POP3/IMAP4 accounts. Exchange accounts allow you to send and receive e-mail, as well as synchronize your calendar, contacts, tasks, and more. POP3 and IMAP4 accounts, on the other hand, are designed to simply send and receive e-mail messages.

Once your email service is synced, you may wish it install the Microsoft Lync client for corporate instant messaging, collaboration, or for phone or video communications. Setting up Lync involves installing the Lync client for your device. Then, simply start the Lync app and enter your credentials.

When 365 is up and fully running on your phone, you’ll have access to a lot of data that could be harmful were you to lose your phone. There’s a simple fix for this. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can delete all office information from your mailbox by using “remote device wipe.” The next time the phone connects to your account, it will automatically remove all information.


 IOS 6 now allows app developers to access your personal information like your Facebook account, Contacts, Calendar, Location, and much more. When an app first attempts to do so you will be asked to allow or deny the app access to your information. At any point you can change an apps access to all or some of your data by navigating to “Settings” then “Privacy”, where you will find a list of data types. In each listing you will find apps with access to that data. Simply toggle the switch to allow or disallow the apps access to your data.