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In IBM Notes 9 there are a lot of things that you can do to customize your experience. The Discover Page allows you to access information about new features, tips, resources and gives you links to more information. You can set a Home Page which will contain the features that you use most frequently. Click the Quick Links tab on the Discover Page, and click the Change your Home Page link. Click the Click here for Home Page options arrow to expand your options, and click the Create a New Home Page button. Follow the steps in the New Page wizard to customize your new home page.  
You can also add shortcut buttons that will give you quick access to your Inbox or Calendar. Click on the View menu on the Menu Bar, and select Show Shortcut Buttons from the menu. Click beside the shortcut buttons that you wish to add.

The new i0S 7 update has brought some fun changes to the camera app. The location of many of the buttons are still the same, but the options menu has been removed. You can now toggle between shooting moves by swiping the shutter button. In addition to the video and Panorama mode, there is now a Square mode. This will allow you to take square photos that are perfect for sharing on social media sites.  
You can apply real-time filters to photos in the Square and Photo modes by tapping the filter button to the right of the shutter button. Tap on the filter that you want to use, and tap the shutter button to take the picture with that effect. You can also apply filters to photos that are already in your camera roll. Just tap on a photo, tap the Edit button, and tap the filters icon. Select the filter you want to use, and click the Apply button. 

In Publisher 2013 you can insert pictures, swap pictures, and use pictures as a background. To insert a picture, click on the insert tab. In the illustrations group, you can choose to insert a picture from your computer, or from an online source. You can insert Office clip art, and search the web for an image. You can also insert a picture from your SkyDrive, Facebook, or Flickr. If you insert multiple pictures they will appear in a scratch space beside the publication.
Once  you have inserted a picture, you can swap it for a different picture in the scratch space. Simply select the picture, click the mountain icon that appears on the picture, and drag it to the second picture. When the border of the second picture glows pink, release your mouse pointer to swap the pictures.
If you would like to set a picture as your page background, right-click the picture, and select apply to background. You can set the picture to fill the entire page, or to appear in a tile pattern.

A useful feature in Acrobat XI is the ability to edit an image inside of the PDF without having to open an additional program. In the Tools pane, click the content editing button, and click the edit text and images button. Select the image in your PDF that you want to edit, and editing tools will appear in the format section of the tools pane. You can flip, rotate or crop the image, as well as replace the image.
If you need to make more advanced changes to the image, you can open the image in a different program. Click the edit using button, and select the program that you want to use. Make changes to the image in the editing program, and click the save button. Close the program and the changes you made to the image will be automatically applied to the image in your PDF.

An important security feature in Facebook is the ability to restrict what someone else can post on your Timeline. To change Timeline security, click the Settings button, which looks like a gear, in the upper-right corner of the page. Select Account Settings from the menu. Click Timeline and Tagging in the left column. From here, click the Edit shortcut next to “Who can post on your timeline?” Click the button that appears and select Friends or Only me from the menu.
If you want to be able to review posts that friends have tagged you in before they are posted to your Timeline, click the Edit shortcut next to “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” Click the button and select Enabled from the menu. This will allow you to review the items before they are posted to your Timeline, but posts that you are tagged in will still appear on the newsfeed and in searches. When you are finished changing these settings, click the Home shortcut at the top of the page to return to the newsfeed, or on your name to return to your Timeline.