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The ability to communicate with the members of your team quickly is more important than ever. Lync allows you to stay connected. Lync allows you to send instant messages, make phone calls, and hold meetings from just about anywhere.


With Lync, you can schedule and participate in online meetings with other contacts in your organization. To use Lync meetings optimally, you will need to use Microsoft Outlook. You’ll also need a webcam and microphone. If you have Outlook and you schedule a meeting it will be sent through Outlook. If you don’t have Outlook, you can still schedule meetings using Lync Web Scheduler. When you schedule a meeting with Lync Web Scheduler, the people you invite will get a link to the Lync Web App Meeting Client.


Once you are in a meeting, you have the ability to record it. Recording a meeting in Lync is a good way to keep track of ideas or help with note-taking. Only presenters have the authority to record a meeting. 

Do you need easy access to your files from any device, anywhere? Google Drive gives the ability to create and access files in a cloud based storage system. Drive starts you off with 15 GB of free storage space, and then you have the option to purchase more storage at a really reasonable price. Google Drive lets you create and work with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings.


One great feature of Google Drive is the ability to share your documents with others. When you share a document or folder, another user may view or edit the item. You can manually add people to share your documents with, or you can pull them from your list of existing contacts.


You can also work with documents in your Google Drive if you’re offline. Once you have downloaded Google Drive for your computer, the Google Drive icon will appear on your taskbar. Click the icon to open Google Drive Options and open the Google Drive folder to view the contents of your Drive. Your files will sync with your online drive according to your sync settings. 

Lync is a handy program that allows you to connect with other using instant messaging, video conferencing, and audio calling. When you open the Lync main window you can change the view by clicking the buttons under your personal information. Your default view is the Contacts view which displays contact groups, and their current presence status and network. You can switch to the Conversations view which displays past chats, meetings and calls. Or, you can use the Dial pad view which displays a dial pad that you can use to enter phone numbers for audio calling.

To use Lync meetings optimally, you will need to use Microsoft Outlook. You should also have a webcam and microphone. To schedule a meeting, simply right-click the contact with which you wish to schedule a meeting, and select Schedule a Meeting. An Outlook window will open where you can enter your meeting details. If you don’t use Outlook, you can still schedule meetings with the Lync Web Scheduler. Contacts you invite using the scheduler will receive a link to the Lync Web App Meeting Client.

I know how frustrating it is to buy something and then find out that there is a new version available that’s even better. It’s especially annoying when it’s something that you’ve paid a lot of money for. That’s why Office 365 is so great! Office 365 is everything you love about Office powered by the cloud. So what does that mean for you? It means that you can use the great Office programs that you’re used to, but you never have to worry about them becoming outdated. You get all updates automatically! Not only that, but you can access your files from pretty much anywhere, and on all of your devices.


One of the features of Office 365 is access to a Team Site. The Team Site is a Sharepoint resource that allows you to collaborate with other users within your organization. You can share and edit different types of Office files, host discussions, manage tasks, and share calendars. The Team Site is also customizable. You can add additional web parts to your site such an announcements page to share updates with your team. You also have the ability to share your site with others just by sending them an e-mail invitation. It’s a great resource for companies who may have users all over the country and still need the ability to work together as a team. 

Windows 8.1 changes and improves upon some of the features of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 boots to the Start screen by default. But, if you would like to boot directly to the Desktop instead, you just have to change the settings. Move your pointer to the right of your screen to open the Charms bar, and click Settings. Select Personalize, and select Taskbar and Navigation from the Personalization box. Choose the Navigation tab, and check When I sign in or close all apps on screen, go to the desktop instead of Start from the Start screen section.
File Explorer now opens by default o the This PC hub, which replaces My Computer. This PC contains Folders, Devices and drives, and Network locations. You can also access your Favorites and SkyDrive from the left pane. Click the File Explorer icon on the Taskbar to access these locations.